Mission and Value Statements


Mission Statement

The purpose of the Manitoba Music Educator's Association (MMEA) is to support and promote music education and provide a unified voice for music educators in our communities.

Value Statements

Nature of Music - We value music as a unique discipline requiring specific knowledge and skills, the development of which is nurtured by pedagogically sound musical experiences.

Opportunity - We believe that every student has the right to a high quality music education that engages students of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and experiences in music making.

Music Making - We believe that active engagement in music making through singing, playing, listening, conducting, composing, arranging and improvising is central to music learning and the development of musicianship.

Relationship and Community - We believe music education helps students create meaningful relationships with others. Music education has the potential to build a sense of community within a school as well as create connections in the wider community.

Music for Life - We believe that the ultimate goal of music education is to foster independent and creative musicians, equipped for life long engagement with music and music making.

Professionalism - We believe that music education should be taught by professionally trained music educators with proficient knowledge and skills in the areas of music performance, pedagogy and musicianship. We value, encourage, and promote ongoing professional development.

Research – We believe that students are best served through research-based practices that support Music Educators’ instructional decision-making, as well as historical and philosophical research that provides perspective in designing curriculum to meet the needs of students and communities.

Collaboration - We believe that collaborations among music educators and between educators, parents, music industry, educational leaders and other stakeholders are fundamental to the future advancement of music education initiatives.

Leadership - We believe our organization is most influential and effective when music educators speak with a united voice. We value cooperation with school divisions, provincial and national professional organizations and governments.

Advocacy – We believe that the best advocacy for music education is strong music programs. We believe it is the responsibility of MMEA to individually and collectively take all practical and appropriate action steps to promote the mission and values of the organization.