Who we are

The purpose of the Manitoba Music Educator's Association (MMEA) is to support and promote music education and provide a unified voice for music educators in our communities.

(updated: September, 2012)

Newly restructured group includes:

  • Manitoba Band Association website
  • Manitoba Choral Association website
  • Manitoba Classroom Guitar Association website
  • Manitoba Orff Chapter website
  • Previous MMEA members

A Voice for Music Educators

  • Meet annually with the Minister and Deputy Minister to discuss issues related to Music Education.
  • Creating a made in Manitoba Philosophy of Music Education that will help shape and guide future practise.
  • Creation of a made in Manitoba Philosophy of Music Education that has helped shape and guide our Mission and Values.   This has lead to Strategic Planning that will impact future practice.






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What about CMEA?

We believe that a national community of music educators is vital and will be working towards establishing a strong connection with CMEA.

Please exercise your option to join CMEA.









Building Leadership Capacity

Together with the Association of Music Administrators of Manitoba, we organize an annual Conference of music education leaders representing school divisions from across the province.   The  conference “Leading Change in Music Education in Manitoba” is held annually in late October the day before TEMPO: Manitoba Music Conference.

Our goal is that every school division will designate someone to assume a leadership role for music education within their division.

Next Steps

Identify for Trustees, Superintendents and School Administers the importance of music education and what can be done to ensure excellent music programs.







MMEA Board

Past President: Eric Marshall

President: Karen Tole-Henderson

Secretary: Rob Chrol

Treasurer: Darryl Ferguson

Advocacy Chair: Virginia Helmer/Karen Tole-Henderson

MB Band Association: Jennifer Shead

MB Choral Association: Alice Russell/Michael Dueck

MB Classroom Guitar Association: Jordan Laidlaw

MB Orff Chapter: Stephanie Davis

Members-at-Large: Robert Chrol, Darryl Ferguson, Virginia Helmer, Karen Tole-Henderson